traditional mexican food region map
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El Cisne is a family-oriented Mexican restaurant and tequila bar proudly run by Nancy Carnero, George Ferranti, and owner Phil Ferranti. We hold Mexican values close to our hearts because of the country’s rich values, culture, and tradition make-up a unique heritage. We specifically love the emphasis on family coming together around the dinner table. The love and respect we share for Mexico are found in the quality and preparation of our delectable and fresh cuisine.
Many of our products are locally sourced, and we have an organic garden where we grow our own pineapple sage and other aromatic herbs. We also import certain ingredients from the five regions we specialize in. These regions are El Norte, Pacific Coastal, Central Plains, Gulf Shore, and Tropical Southern. One of my favorite dishes is the mole from Oaxaca in the Tropical Southern region. Our mole consists of 22 ingredients, including imported chocolate, chilis, and nuts from Oaxaca to use in this special sauce. We stew the mole for nine hours before letting it cool overnight. That’s how we create an authentic mole with the perfect texture and taste.
At El Cisne Restaurant you will find exceptional variations of fine Mexican food with influences from abroad as well as favorite traditional Mexican dishes. El Cisne also carries a wide variety of beers, wines, and liquors. The Black Swan Tequila bar stocks over a hundred types of tequilas and ten artisan mezcals. We offer more than twenty handcrafted tequila cocktails, in addition to fabulous margaritas.
This multi-cultural Mexican heritage is the heart and soul of El Cisne Restaurant. Each dish and drink are prepared and served by our highly-experienced staff in a modern contemporary setting that is both elegant and relaxed. We hope you enjoy your experience and thank you for visiting us!